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We hope you’ll never be involved in a motor vehicle collision, boat or snowmobile accident, but if you are, we’ve provided a printable form to keep in your glove compartment, boat or snowmobile.  It contains everything you’ll need.  We’ve also included other helpful information below!

Under Minnesota No-Fault Insurance law, you may seek care from the doctor of your choice.  Chiropractic care for injuries suffered in an automobile collision, boat or snowmobile accident are typically covered 100% by insurance. 

The Absence of Symptoms Does Not Indicate An Internal State of Wellness
As a result of the accident, some injured persons notice immediate back and joint pains and other symptoms while others experience immediate symptoms that diminish or go away altogether.  Often months or years later symptoms such as neck, back and other health problems develop as a result of the accident, but that they may not relate to the accident.

Symptom Masquerading Endorphins
Many times the body responds to an injury by producing endorphins, which minimize pain, masking underlying injuries so they are not diagnosed and predisposing a person to back and health problems long after the original incident. 

Common Symptoms of Accident Injuries:

The Switchboard of the Nervous System
The spine can be viewed as the switchboard of the nervous systems.  Nothing lives normally without the spine being in proper alignment and its surrounding muscles, ligaments and tendons in a healthy state.

Why A Doctor of Chiropractic
Even if you are not initially experiencing any of the above symptoms, it behooves you to see a reputable Doctor of Chiropractic who has proven expertise in evaluating and treating spine and other muscle ligamentous injuries.  Doctors of Chiropractic have specialized training in diagnosing and treating injuries to the spine and nervous system and the bodily functions related to the spine and nervous systems/the whole person.

Blurred vision
Decreased sex drive
Muscle cramps

Pain between Shoulders     
Ringing in ears             
Mood swings
Stiff neck/back              
Muscle weakness
Trouble concentrating 
Numbness/Tingling in arms, hands, legs, toes
Fuzzy thinking