Future Health - Today!
Chiropractic and You!

The modern Doctor of Chiropractic works both directly and indirectly with the nerves because every function of your entire body is under the control of the nervous system.  Every organ, tissue, and cell is controlled by nerve impulses traveling from the brain to every part of the body.  In fact, the nervous system is the master system, which controls all other systems of the entire body, including the glandular, reproductive, digestive, eliminative, respiratory, and circulatory.

Complete, perfect, natural health comes only when you have a complete, perfect, natural normally functioning nervous system.  The Doctor of Chiropractic has spent thousands of hours studying in college, and has had extensive clinical experience with the nervous system and how to care for it without drugs or surgery.

The SPINE houses and protects the spinal cord and is the "switchboard" of the nervous system, through which nerves pass from the brain to different parts of the body.  The nerves leave the spinal cord through openings between movable spinal bones called vertebrae.  When these vertebrae move out of alignment there can be interference with the normal activity of the nerves.  This interference can disturb function throughout the body and cause many diseases.

Our clinic philosophy is multi-faceted.  First, we are convinced that you cannot manage what you don't measure.  We devote more time than many practitioners (chiropractic and medical alike) conducting thorough physical, neurological and orthopedic assesments, and in most cases spinal x-rays.  This allows us to provide the most accurate diagnosis possible and tailor a treatment plan that suits the needs of each individual.    Assesment and testing methods other than those discussed would include but not be limited to:

Second, our experience has shown that treating spinal misalignments is paramount, but can be enhanced by a variety of other types of care.  For example, headaches are not only a symptom of a spinal malalignment, but may also be caused by food allergies/sensitivities, hormone imbalances, etc.  We choose to approach care from a whole person perspective to explore and identify underlying causes beyond the obvious.  No two people are the same and approaching care with a cookie-cutter mentality prevents the best possible outcome.  While spinal adjustments are crucial to the vast majority of care and wellness, we have many other avenues for treatment at our disposal.    Some examples are shown below.

Electrical therapies
Muscle therapies
Rehabilitation techniques

We firmly believe that how we treat and care for our bodies today greatly influences our future health, longevity and most importantly, quality of life.  We recognize that a great number of people just want to be "fixed" here and now.  No one wants to be in pain or ill health, but correcting an immediate problem is only part of the answer.  We want to help each individual feel better right away, but also how to care for their future health - today!
Acupuncture Evaluation
Muscle Evaluation
Postural Analysis
Gait Analysis
Comprehensive Blood Analysis
Hormone Analysis
Neurotransmitter Evaluation
Hair Mineral/Toxic Metal Analysis
Food Allergy/Sensitivity Testing (fixed and cyclic)
Amino Acid Analysis
Organic Acids Profile